Yoga at the Jang Chup Chopel Buddhist Centre

The ancient practice of yoga has many psychological and physiological benefits when practiced regularly.  Yoga is not a religion. People of many different faiths — Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews — as well as agnostics and atheists, practice yoga because of its numerous benefits and life-enrichment. Many millions practice yoga for its asanas, its physical exercises, which are regularly acclaimed to be extraordinarily health-giving by many doctors around the world.  Yogis discover and affirm life’s great possibilities by freeing the body of tension and the ravages of stress, and progressively releasing mental and emotional turbulence. The resulting well being is often considered miraculous; and the new unity which occurs between the individual and others is like the dawn of a new life.

Out of the yearning and restlessness, the seeker searches the world for a way to proceed, a way to satisfy the heart’s deepest hope. A way of spiritual practice and development is found. Sometimes it seems that the Path chooses the devotee because of its availability and wonderful satisfaction.

At the point when the Path is chosen, effort and dedication truly begin.

buddhist boertjie pretoria south africa yoga values

Intrinsic Values

As yogis become devotees they begin to practice, whatever their Path, self-giving. This self-giving is transformational. No longer living with selfish motive or self-obsession, they are ready to dedicate themselves to their values. Most commonly, they begin to live lives dedicated to Truth and/or Beauty and/or Goodness.

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The devotee who gives himself or herself to Truth, Beauty, or Goodness finds great peace and wholeness. Body, mind, and spirit enter a deep, abiding state of harmony and well being. This state of equilibrium not only enables a sense of integrity and freedom but also opens the floodgates for a spiritual experience.

buddhist boertjie pretoria south africa yoga higher place

Higher State

All devotees who live in higher consciousness move forward into never-ending, ever-new, wondrously satisfying spiritual lives. Almost all of them engage themselves in loving service of their higher power and humanity. A once-forlorn seeker returns to mankind and shares what he has been given.

Yoga events at the Centre are truly special

Our yoga practice is gentle and easy and specifically targets new yogis interested in finding out more about the practice of yoga.  Anyone is welcome to join us for one of our inspirational sessions.

We ask a R50 donation for each class or R150 per month.

Join us!